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Posted by Funkiller ( on 17:41:01 11/16/14

I've been meaning to post since your Frankie Valli post a while
back. I thought you'd get a kick out of a "stupid Donna" story.
Many, many years back, my sister who was a big Frankie Valli fan,
won tickets to his concert at a local venue. She couldn't go and
offered them to me. One thing I rarely do is turn down tickets to
live music, so I took them and a friend and we headed to the
concert. They were very good tickets near the front and side of
the venue. During the concert, a woman who worked there came and
asked if we were fans. She had one backstage pass and wasn't going
to use it. I took it (my poor friend got left behind) and she gave
me a name to use as a contact if I got caught back there. Here's
where it gets funny. We are probably talking late 70's? Just a
guess based on what I was wearing. Yes, I remember what I was
wearing. I had on a black sundress with yellow flowers, a yellow
shaw and platform sandals that had the laces that criss crossed up
your calf. Why is this important? Well, because clumsy here only
had a couple of steps to go down but tripped and fell. Big ol'
hole in my hose and a nice scraped up bloody knee and hands. What
do I do? I still go backstage, of course. I did get caught, they
questioned who I got the pass from, but accepted the name I gave
them. They escorted me to the room where Frankie Valli would be
coming after the concert. Well, I waited (remember...I left my
poor friend waiting for me) and when he came in, he barely
acknowledged anyone. He took a couple photos with a couple over
women, signed my backstage pass and split. I can only imagine what
the people back there had to think with my bloody knee, holey hose
and wild outfit. Of course, that was styling back then. LOL! I
still have that autograph. I just happened upon it recently. I
have no desire to keep it any longer though. My sister, the fan,
was very jealous that I got to go backstage. I can't remember, but
I either got a kiss on the cheek or a hug from him. My memory is
long gone where that is concerned.....but I remember exactly what I
was wearing. LOL!

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