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Posted by Pat ( on 06:31:53 03/03/15

The Mockingbird has been a neighbor for many years, living nearby.
There are been times living with him has been a challenge
especially to other birds and my husband. Starting in March, the
Mockingbird began his territorial defense of the suet feeder and
environs. He laid out a strategy which included swooping at my
husband s head and flying all day between our house and the
neighbor s across the street defending their bird feeder too. No
bird, squirrel or man invaded his space.

In February this year there is about a foot of snow covering the
ground. Birds need food and I do feed them. Seeds and fruit are
placed in various locations including in front of the garage on the
concrete. Most food was left there and I wondered why. Then I saw
the Mockingbird, without a tail. Having no tail makes for an odd
looking bird. However, still he could maintain a territory, even
against the starlings. I was allowed close as I always have been
putting out the food. I always talked with the bird.

Last evening when I opened the front door to feed the feral cat,
there was the Mockingbird sitting on the step. He did not move
much. I knew that he was probably dying as birds do not allow that
close movement. I put him in a box with some fruit and brought
him into the kitchen where he could be warm and safe and hear my
voice. There was some movement and pecking during the evening.

This morning I placed him in the hedge next to the garage with some
food. Rest in Pease Mockingbird.
I miss you and I am sorry life was so hard for you.

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