Why least-fave?

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Posted by Beej ( on 17:06:16 03/03/15

In Reply to: Why is that your least favorite? posted by Lynnette

The site is hard to get to, being only open in the summer, and back when, I didn't have a car...had to beg a ride. Did manage the climb to the top of the mountain just once.

Okay, the big, stoney heart is pretty spectacular.

And then there's the hokey foundation story...it makes Devil's Tower sound like real history, especially when you find out that more than fifteen different tribes have been sharing DT stories and legends. The people who settled Utah Valley and the slopes around American Fork pretty much exterminated the Native Americans in the valley (the Timpanogotzis, a group of Shoshoni-speaking people), or at least crowded them out by taking over the farmable land, and pushing them out into the west Utah desert. I just can't see the ridgeline of Timpanogos as a beautiful woman with a chief greiving over her body.
Probably, the local Shoshoni were not well set up to defend their valley in 1847-50. The fur-trappers had been active from 1812 to 1840, and there had been some raiding and slave-trading with the pueblos and Spanish colonies to the south. The Shoshoni had been farmers before the Spanish visited the valley in 1776, but had given up corn-raising in favor of hunting at that time, so they were in a slump well before they were overwhelmed by Euro-Ameriocans of all kinds.
The Mormon settlers weren't prepared to make much of "bug-eaters" and bottom of the food chain survivalists, and created a more romantic myth to suit themselves.

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