Don't look unless you have a fascination with bears

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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 00:54:39 04/29/15

The linked site is an Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game website. This specific page tells the story of some interesting research conducted on specific bears, some brown (grizzly), some black, that live in and around Anchorage, a city of almost 300,000 humans. What is super cool about the data being reported is that thanks to GPS collars AND a Go Pro-like video camera mounted on bears, we get to read about specific behaviors at specific times, AND when we click on the 3 tabs beyond the Introduction, we get to watch video.

My lovely bride turned me on to this, so I'm guessing she has or will post a link on her Facebook page. Since I abandoned Facebook a few years back, and I believe in equal access, I'm posting the link here.

Here's a few tantalizing tidbits:
1.) There are bear's eye views (well, "just below the jaw views") of other bears, other critters, and even humans.
2.) There is one video of a bear on a golf course, grabbing the flag on a green. Reminiscent of the griz that was walking down the road through Lamar Valley, years ago, whacking each snow stake as he got to it, just to watch it oscillate.
3.) Check out the video taken by a black bear that was walking between Anchorage and Fire Island at low tide. (Once in a rare while, humans try to walk out to the island at low tide. We get to read about them in the newspaper. Some get stuck in the mud. Some manage to summon help (probably via cell phone or yelling really LOUD). Some get to watch the incoming tide that is known to rise as much as 6 inches per minute at peak flood. (The tidal flux in portions of Cook Inlet, like Turnagain Arm, is second only to the Bay of Fundy in North America.) As you can imagine, a few unlucky folks don't survive the experience. It's Mother Nature's way of "culling the herd".

The only thing missing from all those videos is graphic evidence to answer the age old question about whether "bears sh*t in the woods".



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