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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 11:12:27 05/03/15

Some of you might be familiar with the syndicated cartoon strip, "Tundra", which appears in a number of papers around the country. Chad Carpenter, the cartoonist/writer, and his brother gathered a bunch of locals and a very few people with limited Hollywood background to produce a really low budget movie (around $50,000, if I remember correctly). There are only 2 cast members with ANY movie experience.

Chad is kind of a cross between Gary Larson and Dave Barry, and this movie is an outdoorsy satire on "monster" movies. I have not seen it yet, but intend to. The local paper gave it a good review; and as long as you know you are not going to come away with some profound new insight on the secret of life or planetary survival, it should be entertaining. The killer moose the movie centers on is apparently a monstrous half man/half moose being, patterned after the centaur, minotaur, and satyr of myth. The remote village being victimized by the monster moose is the fictitious "Gangrene Gulch". There are now 3 editions of the trailer, which can be accessed from the linked web site. At present, the flick is only showing at a theater in Wasilla, home to Chad and most of the cast, but it will appear in a number of other theaters in the area soon. Chad was quoted in the newspaper article as saying they hope to have the film out on DVD later in the summer.

As the website shows, the movie will air in Evergreen, Colorado and Salt Lake City.

Like the subject line says, "silly stuff".


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