Went sketching at Undine Falls with a friend yesterday

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Posted by Beej ( on 07:04:06 07/20/15

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We rapidly became the entertainment for the first fifteen minutes, but then people got used to us, and realized we weren't Leonardo Da Vinci's, just scribblers.

Tried to find parking at a place that would let us get to the new feature up on the terraces, but every space was in use, Upper terrace entrance or down below. I didn't have much walkability yesterday (painful feet) so we had to find something close to the road.

Saw one bear jam just east of Lava Creek picnic area. I voted it was just an elk jam, but it had one uniformed ranger supervising, and by the time we got through it, whatever the critter was, it had vanished into the woods.

Boiling River was over-populated, cars everywhere. But only a couple of cars at Rescue Creek trailhead. By the time we left Mammoth, the town elk herd was in the plaza, driving all the visitors to distraction. My friend is a range specialist, so we found our way to Old 89, by the Archives, and went to look at the old fenced exclosures on the west side of the river, then continued down to the new ones at Cinnebar seeded about a year ago. To me, the new ones looked like desserts, doesn't look hopeful unless they get some rain. However, the crested wheat was doing exuberantly! (Hey, if this is boring, you asked for it!) Wildlife seen: a bazillion different bugs, including a tiny wasp that had captured a small bright green worm, urban elk and one dusty colored antelope we couldn't identify until we were almost close enough to pet him...he wasn't getting off the road, even with all the dust. (We wouldn't have gotten that close to the antelope without the car, and we certainly wouldn't have petted him.) Chirps!

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