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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 09:57:40 01/07/16

While the NPS spin doctors in Mammoth have done their best to put lipstick on this pig, we can expect more of the same this winter. Once again, the IBMP partners have kicked the can down the road.

Nothing in this "new" plan addresses the fact that while there is not one documented case of wild bison transmitting brucellosis to livestock outside Yellowstone National Park, there are a number of cases in recent years of elk transmitting the disease to livestock in the GYE.

The fact that the NPS bans the public from visiting the Stephens Creek facility for "safety reasons" demonstrates the bind they find themselves in. Charged with preserving the resource for the enjoyment of future generations, the NPS finds itself having to defend the presence of what amounts to a "Bison Mini-Auschwitz". I'm sorry. Having spent a lot of time around these bureaucratic, well-intentioned, but thoroughly misguided clowns, makes me view them as neutered government stooges. I've watched them try to defend their actions in public meetings, and it makes my blood boil listening to intelligent people act like Soviet Communist commissars back in the days of the Cold War defend actions that were laughable on their face.

In recent years, the NPS had an opportunity to provide some real leadership in this matter, and they have shunned that chance to make a real difference. This is a testimony to the sociological truth inherent in this mess. The names and faces can come and go, but the uniforms and the muddled bureaucratic politics remain.

I refuse to allow federal government ineptness (a la APHIS, FS, NPS) to drive me toward attacking the Montana livestock growers. I understand the threat that they are under, and know that if I were faced with APHIS heavy-handedness as a stockgrower, I would act the same way they have. These federal agencies are guilty of benign neglect, among other things. They have turned away from a real opportunity to resolve this issue, once again.


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