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Posted by Paul ( on 20:34:27 04/01/16

So I go to pay my bill for Century Link ( a setup more incompetent than ATT) and they say for 45 minutes repeatedly that I have no account no name no password / so I try all 485 permutations and combinations of my name and password and they say we have no record of your phone, your name, your bill, your service / so I ask to speak to a representative that is human, alive, breathing and I get Taiwan, than Bangladesh, than India, over to the Philippines / and finally Salt Lake City. they tell me in plain American English "oh our system crashed 6 hours ago and we can't access anything/ so why not just say that instead of saying I have no account / oh because than you will think we don't know what we are doing. If we stall you we may get the system up and you'll never know the difference....................huh?

I should let these idiots have access to my checkbook or credit card? Time to go to Ted's and get plastered.

so now ATT is joined by Century Link, gawd do we ever need Trump

however we currently have several internal systems down which prevents me from looking up that information. At this time, we will need to wait for those systems to come back up again in order to provide you with that information. Please contact us again in approximately 2 hours, and we can check the status of those internal systems at that point. We are very sorry for any inconvenience

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