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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 10:45:15 05/02/16

In Reply to: Alex Lowe's body found posted by 46er


I never expected these bodies to be discovered anytime soon. With virtually no familiarity with the mountain, I just figured they were gone either for ever, or at least, a really long time.

We have gotten used to all the bodies that remain on Everest. (I can't help but remember that one body that is just below the summit a ways, that actually became a landmark over time.) Then there's the macabre phenomenon over at K2, where the area where most climbers set up base camp, is at the terminus of one or more glaciers. For years, the glacier(s) has been carrying the remains of deceased climbers to that area, where they are deposited, along with all the geological matter that eventually constructs a terminal moraine. Of course, glaciers being the ponderous, yet extremely effective, grinding machines that they are, the remains at K2 are bits and pieces of equipment and human bodies. With K2 being as challenging and technically difficult as it is (much harder and more remote than Everest), it doesn't get near the traffic that Everest does, but in recent years, virtually every climbing party that goes up there mentions the grisly reminders of what might await them. That would be enough to scare me off, but then, I have never harbored any ambition about climbing 8,000 meter peaks!


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