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Posted by Elder Bob ( on 16:15:19 09/05/16

Hello everyone!
My heart is full and happy, yet I am physically and mentally exhausted. Yesterday was day three, and day three is always tough. Although Aspens picture shows her smiling, they are not the majority. Each smile takes lots of work to earn. The norm right now is lots of frowns. Although they are becoming more numerous. This new heart thing is a lot of hard work. Aspen has had a busy couple of days. Both yesterday and today were days of progress. First thing yesterday morning, Aspen got two of her IV/lines taken out. Then it was time for work Aspen had to get out of bed. She was so weak and sore. It tool a lot for her to get up and get in the chair. But the most improtant thing Aspen can do in her recovery, is to get up and move. Her x-ray yesterday showed that some of her left lung was closed up due to not being used. So nursing and respiratory had a joint get that lung open again. Respiratory has been coming in four times to do a breathing treatment that opens Aspens lungs and the nurses got her up and moving, she was in the chair a bit, before being allowed to move back to the bed. Once there she promptly fell back asleep. Asoen also had a lot of visitors yesterday. It being her first day awake, Aspen wasn't very social, and actually dozed most of the day away. She did enjoy the visitors though, Aspen got upset every time someone left. Needless to say, it was an early night. Aspen fell asleep right before we had visitors from Tucson. That's ok, I got to visit instead. Today was another busy day and Aspen was emotional all day. We started with Aspen going on her first walk. PT came by to gelp with her first time out, Aspen only made it half way around, then we decided to take the "D-A-N-G-E-R...shortcut(NAME THAT MOVIE!) ...which cracked her up. She was getting really sore and tired. After taking a rest, Aspens chest tube came out! Getting the chest tube out is a big step. Aspen has always improved after getting her chest tubes, man do they hurt when they are in. Once getting it out, Aspen took a much earned nap..Once naptime was over, it was lunch and go time. Aspen went on another walk, which was much better than the first. She was still pretty wobbly, yet was much better than this morning. She continues to get stronger each time she gets up.By the end of the day, Aspen was wiped out. Hopefully she will sleep straight through and will be a whole new kid tomorrow. I'm so thrilled with how well Aspen is doing. Her first cath and biopsy is on Wednesday. Please pray all goes well, that they don't find anything unexpected, and that there is no rejection. Again Im sorry for the lack of emotion in this post, seeing my girl in pain and struggling hurts my heart. Yet I continue to be amazed and grateful for this chance. Bring on tomorrow!
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