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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 10:58:40 11/11/16

In Reply to: Would It Be A Stretch? posted by Charles


Those of us who labor hard to see things objectively are nervously awaiting the unfolding of the Trump administration and the inevitable political fracturing that will transpire on the Beltway.

We know that Trump was a liberal Democrat at one time in his existence. We have witnessed his telling one partisan group something on the campaign trail, and then telling a diametrically opposed partisan group something opposite. Now, that is nothing new for politicians, but Trump often takes it to another level. I honestly believe we don't know exactly what priorities the prez is going to have over time. We know that the extremist factions on both side of the political spectrum in Congress are always sharpening their knives, wanting to push their agenda. I cannot imagine Trump or his team satisfying the demands of the radical Left or the Tea Baggers. Those folks are bound to be apoplectic!

Here's what I find scary. If Trump makes certain fateful decisions in the near future, regarding staffing of key positions, he may seed the rueful harvest down the road. He has some VERY narrow minded people around him, like Bannon. If he salts his leadership team with enough of them, they may use whatever influence they can muster to try and hold Trump to some of his more outrageous proposals. Then there are what I refer to as the New York Wise Guys. This includes the governor of New Jersey and the former mayor of NYC. I grew up in New York. I watched the dirty politics, rampant political corruption, and the heavy presence of organized crime influence local and state government. You get enough of those guys at the top, and all those Trump fans west of New Jersey are eventually going to be whining about how the big city Northeasterners cheated them out of the fruits of their victory.

On the flip side, if, as GraniteHead opines, Trump salts his cabinet with yes-men, then Trump might be able to heavily influence all sorts of things. We have already seen areas where Donald has inconsistencies with the conservative right. In this scenario, he will drive both sides of the political aisle crazy. All the talking heads keep going on and on about how this was a "change election". You want to see change? Fasten your seatbelt! Then again, if Donald alienates both sides of the aisle, we could simply shrink back to Washington, D.C. inaction, which is what we have had in recent years. It could be more of the same, but with the added entertainment of Trump temper tantrums and lots of 3:30 a.m. tweeting.

And No, we are not taking Sarah back. She is our gift to the Union!

Apparently, I missed one of Donald's assertions back in 2015. When Obama visited Alaska, and announced formally the change of Mt. McKinley's name to Denali, apparently lots of people in Ohio had a fit. Good grief, isn't having the Buckeyes, Cavs, and Indians enough to salve your collective egos? You have to fight for the preservation of a mountain name in a state President McKinley never visited! Anyway, today's paper says Trump promised to reverse the name change decision, talking about how the mountain carried McKinley's name for over 100 years. Right, and how many years did it carry the name Denali before some ignorant white dude decided to change the name to something he could pronounce.

Here's something that ought to give the anti-political correctness movement gastrointestinal distress: The City of Barrow, the northernmost city in the USA, recently voted to change the name of the city to Utqiagvik, which was its original name. The name means a place for gathering wild roots and comes from the word now used for potato, utqiq. Sorry, crusty old white guys. If you wanted to live in a world where only white males could vote or hold political office, you should have been born a couple hundred years ago!


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