"there's a sucker born every minute"

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Posted by Eka ( on 16:32:43 11/12/16

In Reply to: Counterpoints posted by Ballpark Frank

'What kept ringing in my ears during the campaign were P.T. Barnum's words, "there's a sucker born every minute".'

Trump is a master of pulling the wool over people's eyes using the press. He'll outright lie to get opinion on his side. He knows that 90+% of the population will believe the first thing they hear on a topic, and not believe anything they hear after.

He also has a very thin skin. His ego is very easily bruised, and he's very likely to attack after it is. I'd have thought he would have figured out how to control himself by now, but he's still the same way he was over 3 decades ago. All you need to bruise his ego is to be obviously better at something than he is, and have that fact come out in front of him. Double the intensity of the negative reaction if you are female.

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