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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 10:46:48 11/13/16

In Reply to: HRC posted by ND


I have not mentioned HRC, because this discussion started with comments regarding the president-elect. I was not thrilled with any of the candidates, and that includes the Green and Libertarian options.

You paint a pretty desperate picture for those who feel left behind by time and tide. There may be a lot of validity in there, but I am very concerned about what keeps being portrayed (by the campaigns and the media) as a series of binary choices. There has been incredible distortion on the border/immigration issue. Statistics show the influx of illegal immigrants has actually been slowing. For a nation of immigrants, all the xenophobic talk of how ISIS is going to bring our country down from the inside provokes visceral memories of the days back in the 1950s, when, thanks to "luminaries" like Joe McCarthy, we started expecting to find "commies" behind every bush. I am much more optimistic about energy independence than most, but I also recognize the important role the global price of oil and Saudi manipulation of it play in the game. I guess if I lived in inland America I would be a lot less concerned about the impact of global warming than those who live in coastal areas. I feel sorry for those who actually believe that any president is going to be able to bring back jobs that have been lost to automation or changes in the marketplace. They are destined for bitter disappointment. The coal industry is in trouble, and I'm not sure there is a fix for that, although there are some who still believe there is promise in a technological process to clean it up. For a guy who claimed to not be a politician, Donald sure was a fast learner. He, like virtually every other politician I have watched, told people what they wanted to hear. At the presidential level, it happens every four years.


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