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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 09:28:22 06/26/17

In Reply to: My feelings about the problem posted by Granite Head

Granite Head,

My experience parallels yours. I have not met Deby Dixon, but now that I am back in Montana, I'm sure I will sooner or later.

I do recognize that everyone and their uncle now has a camera, be it something spiffy or just a cell phone (many of which are capable of taking very good photos). With the cost of film and processing eliminated as a factor, the sheer volume of photos being taken has to be logarithmically greater than the "old days".

The one phenomenon I have witnessed on Facebook's Up Close and Personal in Yellowstone page, which I find personally disturbing, is the vast number of individuals who are photographing in Yellowstone, then posting their shots on Facebook, identifying themselves as "Tom, Dick, or Harry Photography", "Kimberly's Photoworks", or some other commercial-looking name. I can't believe there is a market out there for this bevy of nouveau photo entrepreneurs. Perhaps I am misinterpreting what I am seeing, and some learned attorney has distributed widely advice for everyone to create a business name for their photos, even if they are not trying to sell them. Strictly speaking for myself, when I see a Facebook post from "Whoever's Photography", I skip it. I do not want to support this disturbing trend by contributing to somebody's "peg count".

Maybe I'll bet a magnetic placard I can put on the side of my car that advertises "Ballpark Frank's Photography", and put images of hot dogs on it, until such time as Tyson Foods threatens legal action.


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