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Posted by Paul ( on 12:44:33 05/11/18

Yellowstone river is out of the bank. Current is very rapid. Round Prairie is now round lake. New river courses being cut in Lamar Valley. Slides are now common along many roads. Tourism is ahead of last year this time. Rain Thursday night and day long Friday. Bears are all the show at Rainey Lake. Otter abound at Trout Pond. Bird migration not all that great. Swallows still not very common. Wolves and their coterie of followers all having a good time.

Little America has many small snow melt ponds but bird life not present. Buffalo jammed up at Mammoth for a week now beginning to move to Lamar where the swimming is better. A den of rattlesnakes was reported at Jardine. Many many rattlesnakes wintered in a den and are now spreading out across the campground area above Jardine.

Multiple car accidents by people not familiar with English, rules, courtesy or patience. (How's that? Gentle enough?)

Slough Creek now open and access is not unnecessarily restricted.

Lave Creek is flodding the picnic area and several large trees are leaning and probably will fall within the month.

Potholes are numerous on the north road. Some large enough to cause a big bang on tires.

Coyotes few, badgers one, bears omnipresent, bison calves dropping with monotonous regularity, pronghorn very numerous.

Crowds above normal. The new trick is now the bustours are declining and the foreign visitors have their own unlicensed guide that trails two-four white vans for profit and try to avoid detection. Cute!

Cross Fox (look that one up) being sighted at Monmouth. Interesting creature.

Rehab at Mammoth Lodge...nice,comfortable,,,but no longer quaint

That raps up two weeks. May 1-11

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