Living in Bozeman is complicated

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Posted by Paul ( on 07:30:59 08/15/18

Living in Bozeman is so complicated and expensive

1. My student loan is 56 years over due but for $5,000 payment it will be reinstated

2. My claim to 10 million dollars in the Nigerian bank expired because I couldn't raise the 10,000 dollars good faith payment

3. The IRS "..coming is to claim you for absence in payment on taxes of income (sic). That's probably them at my door since I didn't have the 2,000 good faith payment to send by pay-pal to the Ukraine.

4. And to make matters really bad, Google is shutting me down since I didn't pay my annual fee of $500 for access.

5. ATT needs to hear from me about updating my security codes and all I have do is "click here" and they will gladly reset them For Free!

6. And to make all matters worse, it hasn't rained for 5 weeks, there are 85 forest fires pumping smoke and fumes around Bozeman area, and I have two hungry kids and a crop in the field.

7. And now Trump is going to be sued by the Democrats for impersonating a weatherman because he wished a "good morning".

Make the world go away

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