That was quite an era!

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Posted by Buck ( on 10:58:53 12/04/19

In Reply to: Thanks, Guys. I was posted by Lurkerdude

Some great 'online' memories for quite a while there! And, staying consistent with my persona, ha ha!, I was always the lone guy saying that digital will make it so most everyone can take technically great images and even if it wasn't captured artistically in the field, through mega megapixels and post processing, people can artistically get it right in post! And here we are, almost 2020, and I was dead on! The photo stock market pays pennies compared to what it used to, people take amazing pics even with their iPhones, and EVERYONE is a photographer these days! And taking reeeeally good pics! Which is one reason why I don't spend nearly as much time doing 'photography', but the main one is right now I prefer taking pics of my family as we experience life. And I prefer telling stories through video and editing, although I still love photography! Shoot me an FB friend request!

When Pat (from here) said someone was asking about me and it had the word Lurker in the name, for some reason I was thinking of the very early days and Buck's Shadow, ha ha!

We should all get this place hoppin' again, I don't do much controversial or provocative posts on FB, ha!

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