Had to check in to see the place. Some of you have aged very well.

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Posted by Buck ( on 21:09:23 02/09/21

Most of you haven't. You have mirrors so you already know that. And
it smells like chicken noodle soup in here, but not in a "wish I had
a spoon" way. Some news... I'll be getting back to my roots soon. I
do have some roots left although I wear a hat most of the time.

We've been doing a lot of traveling, from BC (Before COVID) to not
long ago. But now the boys are in school and since I have no job
other than wait for a Google check every month and slap Grey Poupon
on my charcuterie plates, I can't sit around. Sitting around makes
you round. So I'll be taking a lot of adventure trips with our
German Shep, Shasta, and hoping to snag some video and images that
will knock your socks off, and most of your other clothing too. So
if you see me on a turnout in Yellowstone videoing grizzlies up close
with my GoPro in my underwear (wait, my GoPro won't actually be in my
underwear), pull over, tell me to put some pants on, leave a stack of
homemade chocolate chip cookies on my hood, and freakin' leave. Or
you could stop for a bit and I'll tell you stories about how I
retrieved my drone from the depths of Grand Prismatic, slapped a
bison, and pee'd on Old Faithful. And yes, the rumors are true, I
teamed up with Elon Musk and his Boring company and built a tunnel to
Fairyland Basin. We're going to turn it into an exclusive theme
park. It will compliment the landscape, you won't even know it's
there as you enter the resort lobby. If you're super excited to see
my pics and vids, join the crowd. IMAX and planetariums across the
world have already bought the exclusive rights.

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