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Posted by Buck ( on 09:33:52 02/25/21

In Reply to: Misunderstanding the nature of this thread posted by TravelingBear

Hi TravelingBear! Most of us have known each other for decades now. We met on the Yellowstone Chat Page, which you can see the link on top of the page. We've been bantering so long that John Uhler made a secondary page, called the Yellowstone Loon page, so we can take our silly banter (and any off-topic banter) to this Loon forum. The name Loon is secondary to the "bird", it's more about being loony in the goofy sense. That way people could still get their serious Yellowstone info without the distraction of unrelated conversation, which was taking over the forum. That's what this page is designed for. You can be serious, share photos, talk shop, talk photography, talk Twinkies, fart in anyone's general direction, go to the basement, talk about anything, argue, throw flip flops at each other, pillow fight, and wrangle grizzly bears. It's more of a social page than a strictly informational page. Yellowstone Loons, Teton Goons, Yosemite Yeti's, etc. We've even had t-shirts and hats and coffee mugs and window decals. In the works is an entire line of Loon wheelchairs, canes, and CPAP machines.

When the fun, silly banter faded, as it did many years ago, so did the forum. This place used to get so many active posters that it had to be reset every couple of weeks. We've shared "interesting and worthwhile information" that would blow your mind, expeditions to the most remote off-trail regions in the park, expeditions to the most remote areas in the lower 48... adventure trips from the Pacific Lost Coast, high Sierra, Rockies, Appalachians, down to Florida. Don't let our goofiness fool you. Me, personally, I'm rarely serious on here. Others are a more balanced mix, and some are always serious. All discussions are welcome. If I post something silly on a serious question, that doesn't define the thread, people just roll their eyes and move on and post their 'real' responses, ha ha! So your "heartfelt memories" and this place going out as a "big joke" clearly shows you don't know the history of this forum. Which is cool, you have the freedom, after learning the foundation and personalities of this forum, to enjoy it and stay, or lurk, or hit the Yellowstone Chat Page. Many of us visit both pages. If you think this forum should fade with dignity, you're about 10 years too late. It faded, and in fact became a ghost town compared to what it was many many years ago. A few of us think it would be fun to try and revive it. It's a fun place. If you like this sort of thing. If you don't, if Bigoot and aliens and thongs mixed in with friendship banter and cool adventures and photos isn't your thing, this place will make you cringe like a Swisher Sweet cigar in Cuba. The people who have passed that are memorialized, we've spent years, some of them decades, having fun in here in this forum. It's not a big joke, it's not uninteresting and non-worthwhile info, and one of the reasons I'm motivated to post again is because I see some of our best people pass on, and will continue to do so, as could I at any time, and keeping the forum alive, if even a fraction of what it once was, is the best way I know to honor them. Because this forum is what it means to be a Loon.

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