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Posted by Paul ( on 12:46:54 05/10/21

In Reply to: MORE BAD NEWS posted by Paul

To all my friends that remind me that I am not a Ph.D in ornithology let me affirm that and refer you to experts in the field.


"Cliff swallows decide upon arrival to their nesting site whether they will fix a nest from the previous season or build a new nest.[2][4] Building a new nest may have the benefit of lower parasite numbers, but it is very energy expensive and time consuming.[4][15] Further, taking the extra time to build a nest from scratch will mean reproducing later which could negatively affect their chicks survival."[2][4][15]
2. Brown, Charles R.; Brown, Mary B.; Pyle, Peter; Patten, Michael A. (2017). "Cliff Swallow (Petrochelidon pyrrhonota)". The Birds of North America Online.
4. Brown, Charles R. (1998). Swallow summer. University of Nebraska Press. ISBN 978-0803261457. OCLC 38438988.

15. Brown, Charles R.; Roche, Erin A.; O Brien, Valerie A. (2015-02-01). "Costs and benefits of late nesting in cliff swallows". Oecologia. 177

Now, if this is the present weight of scientific authority than the actions of the National Park rangers is directly detrimental to the life process of cliff swallows.

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