I do not consider it "my" public page

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Posted by Elder Bob ( on 07:49:01 04/21/15

In Reply to: Yes...it is.. posted by DaveP

I say the page is public because anyone on the Internet can come here. They can read any posting on the page. They can post on the page. They can do their own count using the "find" option. I do not consider it to be my "public" page! Maybe "open" page would be a better term.

The people complaining have no reason to complain anymore. The count does not involve them. They are not listed on the count. I removed the names of the people who complained or requested to be removed. It does not concern them anymore. It only concerns those who do not mind being counted. I started doing the count 9 years ago at the start of 2006 after you made a comment about the number of people posting. There can be other people out there doing a count, but the only difference is they do not tell anyone they are doing it. I am not invading anyone's privacy. I only collect public information into a tabulated format. You clicked on the Linky Dinky yesterday and viewed both total and weekly postings counts.

I am willing to add anyone to the list of people not wanting to be tabulated. The others either do not care if their name is tabulated or want to see their name tabulated. I do it for the latter. I remember one time a Loon kept repeating the same posting over and over so they would be the top poster for the week. Another one would look at the listings before I posted the link on the Loon Page. I sometimes do the work on Sunday and post the results on Monday.

There was a time when I included the IP numbers of the posters along with their Loon name and number of postings. Some complained and I stopped. Also it was too much work and my tool would take a long time to run. In fact it was Funkiller who asked me to stop posting the IP numbers. John asked me to run that option one time to see if the IP number of a rouge poster matched any of the regular posters.

What amazes me is some that complained and had their name removed, still click on the Linky Dinky. They must not be able to resist temptation and still have to look at the results. I will stop when all the Loons are on the list of people that do not want to be tabulated. But until then, there are people who want to see the list. Right now, there are only 6 people who requested to be removed in the last few weeks. So far, ALR, BunnieCO, Funkiller, OT, Lynnette and Teewinot have been put on the list since ALR and Bonnie started complaining.

I will add your name to the list if you do not want to be seen on the two tabulations.

I know some people do not like what I am doing, but they are a small number in comparison to the rest. A minority should not be able to control what the majority wants to see or do not care either way.

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