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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 11:05:07 05/30/15

In Reply to: Short vid of our family vacation to Atlantis, Bahamas and the shark attack posted by Buck

unbridled family fun, quality editing, good use of technology, with considerable promotional value.

It looks like a great family vacation!

The editing just keeps getting better.

I love the use of Go-Pro or similar technology for the water slide shot.

Atlantis, and maybe even, the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce or whatever tourism business promotion organization exists there, better be paying traffic-based royalties for the excellent promotional value of this video.

Getting down into the advertizing weeds a bit, I am thinking that one advantage your product offers is it is not hamstrung by the exorbitant cost of 30 seconds or a minute of nationwide TV broadcast time. I believe your video will be more effective than much of the ultra-quick sight and sound bites characteristic of TV commercials. Maybe I've been living in a remote cave, but I'm thinking you may just be scratching the surface of what could become a tremendous sweeping change in advertizing expenditures over time. If I am a big budget advertiser, whether for some home consumer product, like kitchen cleaner, or a transportation device, like ATV's, I may want to either develop my own slick web-based video campaign, or outsource it. The big bucks are going to be in the ultra-creative people who can figure out how to make the things we walk past in grocery and hardware stores "sexy" enough to draw lots of consumer clicks. If nothing else, this may be a new source of promotional revenue for the famous and/or very gorgeous (think super models hyping cosmetics or diet aids).

I pity the folks in the television industry whose jobs depend on broadcast TV ad revenue.

Well done!


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