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Posted by Buck ( on 20:03:31 05/30/15

In Reply to: What a combination of................................ posted by Ballpark Frank

Viewers are flocking from network and cable tv to online streaming, like Netflix and YouTube. Advertising dollars are following. The magic of YouTube is that brands 'integrate' their branding into the video in more of a subtle way. People don't like commercials and blatant advertising, especially coming from the brands themselves. It's much more powerful to see YouTuber enjoy a product or service rather than talking about the product in a biased way.

We now work with big brands, and the biggest toy companies in the world. So revenue sources are Adsense (the actual ads that Google runs on the videos as preroll) and working with brands. It's actually pretty crazy. I think everyone who enjoys video should be doing this because the freedom of time and the revenue it generates is beyond the imagination. Example, we were out traveling in Florida and the Bahamas for the entire month of May except these last 2 days but we had by far our best month yet in views and revenue. And we were having a total blast the whole time! (except the time I stunk up the hotel bathroom, that was a bad 15 minutes for everyone). What other kinds of 'businesses' can provide that? Have fun, make more money in a couple of weeks than many do annually, and have freedom of time to go and do anything you want? It's a dream, literally a dream. I have lots of footage from going to Yellowstone last year, and Montana, and from our other trips, like our trips to tropical islands. I need to get those edited. We're going to start a new 'travel and adventure' series. I also have been doing reviews of the resorts and hotels we stay at, that'll be a series too and if does well, resorts around the world will fly us there and pay us to do promotional stuff, I know it'll happen! Bora Bora for a couple of weeks in an over the water bungalow, oh yeah!

The best thing is anyone can do this, YouTube is free, good HD cameras are cheap, and there's a 24/7/365 audience waiting to watch and growing in numbers! Rock-n-roll!

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