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Posted by Beej ( on 08:16:40 08/28/16

I think I've asked this before, but have been continuing to do research. How do people in your general vicinity define the Wachita (spelling optional) Mountains? I know of four prints or paintings done by a Civil War era artist who was serving with General Pike at the time; they are probably the best examples of the artist's work. Pike gave up his commission about 1862, and the artist packed up and removed to Richmond, Virginia in search of a job with the Tredegar Iron Works.

Where are the Wachita Mountains, are they still somewhat wilderness-y or heavily developed?

It's a confusing business because I'm much more familiar with Utah's Wasatch Mountain range. Wondering why the names are so similar, but the Native American tribes were very different. Considering where the Mormons came from (western Missouri) who settled Utah, maybe they brought some old place names with them, but I expect, if I got into the early geological or fur trapper literature, the Wasatch Mountain name would pre-date any Euro-American settlement. But some of the fur trappers were from Missouri, so the question just goes around in circles. I have a 1776 Escalante exploration journal, but don't think the Wasatch went by name at the time (I'll have to check).

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