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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 11:57:37 08/07/18

In Reply to: When I was watching... posted by 46er


Last night's episode featured a second assortment of bogus facts and distortions. They featured a snake species that is not found in Yellowstone, while Yellowstone DOES have 6 different snake species. It's as if they found some pet shop or herpetology hobbyist somewhere in the Northern Rockies, and borrowed the snake.

I never did figure out where the shot of 6 grizzlies in an area with what appeared to be barbed wire fences was.

I loved seeing Brutus and Casey Anderson, because I am a fan, but seeing Jenna unable to recall that it is the Montana Grizzly Encounter, and not the Montana Grizzly Center was disturbing. Why they had that ignorant woman covering the Brutus story, with her incredibly over the top "urban orientation", I will never understand. It does dovetail with some NatGeo criticism I heard years ago from someone who dealt with them in business. The organization veered radically from its historic orientation to a new emphasis that would explain using someone like Jenna in an effort to connect with a demographic that is unlikely to even watch the show. Urban dwellers across the country that watch this show are more likely to be outdoorsy people who could run circles around Jenna, in terms of familiarity with the great outdoors. My strong suspicion is that there is some VERY POOR leadership up high in the organization. How else do you get such an assortment of ignorant presenters with inappropriate resumes?

I am particularly disturbed by the fact that they are using all these presenters that they hype as being subject matter experts, yet I have never heard of ANY of them. Who the hell are these bozos, and where did they come from? At this point, I am developing a deep-seated disdain for National Geographic that will not rapidly disappear.

If I'm around tonight, I will probably watch it again (with one eye, while multitasking) for the same reason people are drawn to train wrecks or chase ambulances.


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